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The Engine Market is an initiative that makes the Museum of the Railroad into a huge flea market with offerings of all kinds, where there is no shortage of activities and entertainment and leisure for the whole family, that you can visit on the second weekend of each month. You can enjoy this space with you family, where children can travel back in time and see with their own eyes many things that before were part of everyday life and that are now in disuse, or maybe get to know the leaders on this sector such as, which are continually improving.

In addition you will be able to move the skeleton to the rhythm of rock or blues. A good plan for the weekend, shopping, food and good music. The Market has outdoor areas and decks. The areas covered correspond to the Railway Museum and stood on the platforms and between the trains, thus retaining all its essence.

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The children will have their own activities where they let off steam. Within the grounds there is a wonderful royal train, but to-scale “mini”, which runs through a circuit with level crossings, tunnels, bridges and stations. The chief of station shall be as indicated by the output of the journey. In addition you will be able to mount all together, children and parents. And if you are tired of seeing the trains, you will be able to sit down and learn how to make, for example, a puppy paper.

The Engine Market has become a reality within the supply of the markets of the capital. It all started in the year 2012 when Teresa Castedo and Juan Fraile, the organizers of the event, they decided to launch the idea of a meeting place for buyers and sellers of goods second-hand, vintage and design. The first editions were held in the Engine shed of the Metro of Madrid, but before the great success experienced by the event was soon moved to the Railway Museum, fixed location since then.

This event is held the second weekend of each month with the same premise: to offer quality products and a unique experience to the visitors. To do this, it is possible to get furniture products, design, cosmetics, gastronomy, fashion and footwear, among others, both vintage and second-hand.

But the sale of products is not the only activity of the flea market. In each edition, visitors can enjoy concerts in the interior of the museum ships, gastronomic offerings by different food trucks that are parked during the weekend in the terraces of the building, and plenty of activities for the whole family that are renewed each year. This is an excellent plan to enjoy a different weekend strolling amongst historic vehicles for free.

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